August 8-August 19 2012


Opening reception Friday, August 10, 6-9pm

Leopoldine Core

The Hole

"I’ve been taking photographs seriously for about ten years. I’ve never used film. My work explores the violence of digital photography, a form both ludicrously detailed and distortive. The human in a digital photograph is always doomed, always struggling to be beautiful. So I decided a while ago to let the form eat me up rather than fighting it. I pick the camera up like a diary when I’m feeling something. Often when I’m feeling depressed. As an animal in bed with my machine, I enjoy seeing what the machine sees. I enjoy self portraiture because it is perverse, like hunting yourself."

Lisa Hull


Lisa Hull has been working as a professional photographer for the last 31 years. A Wellfleet resident, she has had several one-woman shows in Provincetown, primarily showcasing her intimate and poignant portraits of Drag Queens, as well as local resident artists and fishermen. Her work has appeared in the Boston Globe, on the covers of many Cape Cod magazines, and was featured in the book "Here is New York," a chronicle in images from the many stories of 9/11. In addition, for a period of 10 years Lisa acted as the official photographer for the Provincetown International Film Festival.

Six months after Hurricane Katrina, Lisa spent a month on the Gulf Coast offering free portraits to individuals and families devastated by the storm. She was able to photograph 55 families during that period, thus beginning a process to restore and renew some of the personal visual histories that had been tragically lost.

Her most recent work is a return to her first love, black and white photography, portraits, as well as, landscapes.

Nina West

Under Cover

Nina West is a writer, photographer and inveterate world traveler. A native of New York City, she has spent over 10 years working half the year in Provincetown and the other half on various adventures. She has been to over 60 countries. Recent trips have found her drinking ayahuasca in the Amazon jungle of Peru, traversing West Africa on the back of a BMW motorcycle, bartending in Cambodia, meditating in India, and sampling music and mojitos across the length of Cuba. For the last 6 years she has done the poster art for, and documented the shenanigans of Provincetown's preeminent rock and roll show - Scream Along with Billy, featuring her good friends, the ridiculously talented duo of Billy Hough and Susan Goldberg. This exhibit showcases a selection of this work, more of which will also be available in a forthcoming book.


The Many Faces of Susan L Young

"As a child, while shopping in the grocery store with my mother, I would see people as animals. I would tell my mom what they were. She would say “Susan be quiet!” One day my mother’s friend was strolling down the isle coming towards us and in a very loud voice I announced, “Mommy, that lady’s a donkey!” My mother was so embarrassed.

Well, some things don’t change. I still embarrass my mother on occasion. And I always see the animal hidden in every person. My inspiration comes from people, animals and the absurd that is present in everyday life.

I am a self taught artist. I’ve experimented with Winsor & Newton inks mixed with alcohol, charcoal, oil sticks and oil paint. I am a professional sign maker and sign wood carver. One day I was fiddling around the shop with my sign paints which are thick heavy oil based paints known as “One Shots”. I started painting on my shop table tops, I tried canvas but I didn’t like the bounciness, so I use hard board. The One Shots on hardboard have become my passion. I especially like painting faces with mixed human and animal qualities. I’m still that little girl in the grocery store hiding, perhaps not so well in this adult person."

Susan L. Young is a prolific multi-media artist living in Orleans, MA. As luck would have it, I noticed her work one day because she and her partner, Dawn Fancy, had constructed my gallery sign. Susan's work is strikingly raw, beautiful, vulnerable, and at times humorous. She approaches her studies of animals, humans, and the absurd with a natural outsider sensibility. A native Cape Codder, she has also spent time in NYC, LA, and San Francisco.

Susan received second place for “Best in Show” for the 2008 Council on Aging Art Exhibition.