April 19-28 2013

Appearances - Provincetown Eco-Arts Festival

Opening reception: Saturday, 4/20, from 2-5:30 pm

Jennifer Moller


AMP will host Seas, a dynamic in-gallery video installation in celebration of Appearances.

The wave is the perfect metaphor for consciousness.

The images used in this video piece were presented to me on an extremely cold day walking along the Cape Cod bay. The sun was low in the sky, raking the late afternoon light across the surface of the ocean. There was no saturated color so the scene was almost monochromatic. Broken chunks of ice formed along the shoreline extending out to sea about 10’ to 15’, and the beach was covered with large block shaped ice floats. The bay actually looked like a large white glistening slushy made up of crushed ice.

I noticed the extraordinary beauty of horizontal line, as the waves rhythmically rolled under the bulky ice. I watched as wave after wave cast its dark black linear shadow over and over again. The scene was a kind of live tracing of the vast ocean, the marks made in horizontal lines, a large moving drawing. I was entranced as I watched the repeated movement. I had a camcorder, a tripod, and a DAT, digital audio equipment with me. I attempted to capture what I was seeing and feeling that day. The wind was very cold and blowing hard.

Later, in the warm environment of my room I thought more about the wave experience and how it related to meditation. I had been exploring philosophical ideas about consciousness and I saw a connection with the form of the “wave” and the experience of human breathing. I was meditating and reading about brain wave states, specifically theta states that are reached during meditation.

I edited the work with this in mind. Ultimately, I desire to be quiet and still and experience the divine, my “seas” piece is at its core motivated by this desire as is, “pools” a current body of work.

Jennifer Moller is an interdisciplinary free-lance artist working across many boundaries, time and space, mediums and disciplines. Working with the power of visual poetics, Moller creates drawings, animations, videos, installations, and community service engagement art. She encourages the possibility of collaborations with creative people and travel at any opportunity. She and her creative partner, Beth Ireland, are building a mobile art studio for her to use for travel and teaching this spring. Moller has also been teaching art processes and practices to undergraduate and graduate students in Boston, Massachusetts, Santa Fe, New Mexico, and most recently at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell.

Jennifer Moller is also an accomplished photographer and has had many clients including Provincetown?s own John Waters.