July 1 - July 15 2013


Opening Reception: Friday, July 5th 6-9 pm.

Richard Dorff

Interpositions, and |+ 14inches gallery|

As Interpositions suggests, the works included are intended to look inward, that is refer to their own inner space, implied, imagined and obvious, as well as the gallery space around them.

Richard Dorff is primarily interested in the space that his work occupies and how that space and the objects themselves interact. By making these connections, through placement and lighting, he transforms a space into what one might have not have intuited it could become. Using a variety of mediums, he creates environments with works that extend beyond their own physical dimensions, thereby transporting the viewer into a world of his own making.

Richard Dorff also shows at Atlantic Works in Boston.

Dana Dunham


Currently living in Truro, Dana Dunham is continuing his passion for creative expression, focusing on black and white film photography and the alternative process of liquid emulsion.

In cooperation with the Truro Center for the Arts at Castle Hill, Dana teaches and volunteers at one of the last remaining darkrooms on the lower cape. He is a 2004 graduate from the New England School of Photography in Boston, received a Master of Fine Arts Degree from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design Low Residency 2D program at Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown in 2011, and is the 2013 National Sea Shore Artist in Residence. Website and Website.

Dana Moser

New Work

Like many North American artists in the 21st century, I spend much of my time veering emotionally between horror and inspiration. Maintaining a sense of humor seems difficult but crucial. I like to use art-making as a way of finding things out. When we explore the nature of social relations as they are mediated under capitalism, sometimes what we find is surprising; maybe there is something lovely and subversive going on. Sometimes I even feel a connection with other people that is strong enough, I feel like we can organize together and actually change things and laugh along the way.

Dana Moser is a musician, teacher, curator and film/video/installation artist. His work has been screened and exhibited in numerous locations in the US and Europe including Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, NYC, Paris, Italy, Germany and the UK. Currently, he is a professor in the Studio for Interrelated Media at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design where he is responsible for (among other things) developing programs in digital media. Website and Website.