May 17 - May 18 2014

Flower Power!

Viewing/bidding times: Saturday, May 17, 1-8 pm, and Sunday May 18, 1-5 pm. Reception Saturday, May 17th, 5-8pm.

A Silent Auction & Benefit for the AIDS Support Group of Cape Cod

A Photographic Exhibition of donated work by 40 international photographers. Curated by Bobby Miller.

Marcia Resnick, Lisa Hull, Dan McKeon, John d’ Addario, Marcus Leatherdale, Linda Covello, Lynn Rodriguez, Brett Lindell, Scott Ewalt, James Smith, Rick Burrows, Amy Howell, Jamie Casertano, John LeClair, Loren Haynes, Michael Palladino, Suzanne Long, Scooter LaForge, Greg Gorman, Larry Collins, Bobby Miller, Susan Shacter, Christopher Souza, Zoltan Girliczki, Michael James O’Brien, Walt Cessna, Debbie Nadolney, Eileen Counihan, Stanley Stellar, Ric Ide, Mark Adams, Dana Demers, Paul & Susan Cezanne, Terry Rozo, Diane DiMassa, Merlin Monroe, Tim McCarthy, Michael Holman & others.

This is an opportunity to purchase the work of great photographers for terrific prices, and to help our AIDS Support Group of Cape Cod. All proceeds go to ASGCC.