148 Commercial Street · Provincetown | 508.413.9090 | 646.298.9258 | Open mid April-November and by appointment | AMP Gallery 2014 Exhibitions Catalog

Diane Ayott | Susan Bernstein | Melanie Braverman | Barbara Cohen | Mary Deangelis | Jane Edgell | Jennifer Engel | Victoria Haynes | Marsha Lieberman | Jicky Schnee | Amy Solomon | Lisa Turngren | Champa Vaid | Mo Ziochouski

Diane Ayott: One
Susan Bernstein: Queries
Melanie Braverman: Suffered for Beauty
Barbara Cohen: Works on Sail Cloth
Mary Deangelis: Off the Rack
Jane Edgell: Stacks
Jennifer Engel: Don't Ruin It
Victoria Haynes: Memorial Fabric
Marsha Lieberman: Landscape Within a Landscape
Shelley Marlow: Hope Street
Jicky Schnee: Mend and Rend
Amy Solomon: Altered
Lisa Turngren: Mark Out
Champa Vaid: Dreams and Memories
Mo Ziochouskis: (de)Constructed Blue

October 10 - December 7, 2014 | Reception: Friday, October 17

Image: Jicky Schnee, Impromptu, oil, oil stick and player piano scrolls on canvas, 70h x 86w, 2014".