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June 10, 2016

Billy Hough & Susan Goldberg | Laurie Weeks


7:30 pm

Billy Hough lives between Provincetown and New York City. He and Susan Goldberg comprise "Scream Along with Billy", a brilliant rock 'n roll stream of consciousness piano and bass duo, now celebrating its 11th year. He also is a member of the punk band "garageDogs", and plays piano and sings at the Gifford House on the weekends, and is a founding member of the Gold Dust Orphans. Billy has three songs on the film Rampart soundtrack, including his own song Venice, and covers of Downtown and Johnny Thunders' You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory. His music is featured in the recent film starring Richard Gere and directed by Oren Moverman entitled Time Out of Mind. He is working on a memoir.

Susan Goldberg lives in Provincetown. She is well known as "Solid Goldberg" for her awesome bass playing in bands such as "Scream Along with Billy", "Space Pussy", and "Cla de Bossa Nova", among others.

Laurie Weeks to come...

June 10, 2016

Provincetown International Film Festival

PIFF sponsored events at AMP


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June 25, 2016

Linda Ohlson Graham & Hilde Oleson



Linda Ohlson Graham: Leading Humanity in a Path to Global Peace and calmer weather patterns ... is the powerful dynamic that inspires Linda Ohlson Graham's award-winning fine photography and ecstatic poetry. Linda feels an intimate connection to the cosmos: she has sailed thousands of miles with the night sky in view: 4 hours on ... 4 hours off throughout the Bahamas, the Caribbean, Central and South America, even off shore to Cape Cod one spring. This experience has rooted her more deeply in her desire to contribute to WORLD PEACE and calmer weather patterns.

Linda also lived in (1984-93) and co-directed (1984-96) the J.M.W. Turner Museum in Denver, CO. During this time the Museum was chosen 'One of the 99 Finest Museums in America' by Atlantic Monthly.

From March 2010 through March 2012 she was Colorado District 2 co-ordinator for the Campaign to Establish a US Dept. of Peace. Linda led a lobbying team in the Washington, DC office of Congressman Jared Polis, who signed HR808 a few days later. In October 2010 Linda was named CO Department of Peace Poet Laureate. Her photography and spiritual writing portray the richness of her life's experience.

Linda's recently self-published book: Earth Ocean Heavens, a mini guide book to aide Humanity in entering "The New Age" envisions 'allllllll of us' collectively entering a truly peaceful next thousand year cycle by enough of us intentionally quieting our thinking Mind(s) for just a few minutes daily. Her book shares, in poetic language - accented by award winning fine photography, Humanity's Path to Global Peace and calmer weather patterns.

Hilde Oleson: From a pretend husband at age 3 to falling in love at age 80, Hilde Oleson has lived on dreams. The daughter of a Methodist minister in small Vermont towns, she lived a quiet life. Later she worked in urban slums as a social worker and a teacher. She moved to Cape Cod and Provincetown after the death of her husband, and from that grief emerged a new life as a poet. Dreams Reward was her first published collection.

"When Hilde Oleson arrived on Cape Cod for the first time in 2004, she was recently widowed and adrift. She came with her son Bill, a musician who had a summer gig in Provincetown, and she has never left. The poems in, Love in the Nursing Home, published in 2011, focus on the four years she and Ken spent at a New Hampshire facility when she could no longer care for her husband herself. Published last year, Coffee at Hilde’s: Four Provincetown Poets, is a collection of selected poems by Oleson, Lorraine Kujawa, Pat Lombardi and Margaret Phillips, who meet every Wednesday morning “to conspire, inspire and write” at Oleson’s apartment." - Nicole Muller, The Register

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A Short Play For Three People and a Film by Allison Vanouse

In-gallery performance. 8pm

A new play by Allison Vanouse puts the classic film noir into a claustrophobic interior space, deconstructing and reconstructing its parameters until they brush the limit of the form. Sam (Dimitri Papadimitriou) is a P.I. without a case, haunted by images, his mind saturated with the cinematic. PROJECTION is a world of his creation, where ghosts of the 1940s and the ever-present hum of a movie projector build a tenuous dreamscape. To this heady cocktail – half David Lynch, half Dashiell Hammett, a generous dash of the existential – we introduce the hurricane-force of a femme fatale (Alix Mauclere). Hovering above the edge of theatrical and performance traditions, PROJECTION is a new kind of chamber-play that consistently performs weird alchemy: two lovers – thirty minutes – an old movie – a dirty mattress – a play of images between the filmic and theatrical – live scoring (by Jonathan Sibha) worthy of Eraserhead–and a strangely resonant takeaway that sits squarely between gritty realism and dreams, all while restoring the original ending dialogue from Dashiell Hammett's classic, The Maltese Falcon.

Dimitir Papadimitiriou as SAM

Alix Mauclere as THE GIRL

Elizabeth Doran as EFFIE