July 3-July 15 2012

Opening reception Friday, July 6th, 6-9pm

Jennifer Camper


"Sexy, street-wise and too racy to publish." - The Washington Blade

"Bitter-sweet, heart warming and destructive all at once." - Chroma Journal

"Hilariously messed up." - Good Comics

Jennifer Camper's comics explore gender, race and class from an outsider's (female, queer, and mongrel) perspective. The work also celebrates sexy women and ridicules stupidity. Camper became a cartoonist because she likes making art with both words and pictures. Also, all the tools of the trade are small and easy to shoplift.

Her books include Rude Girls and Dangerous Women, a collection of her cartoons, and subGURLZ, a graphic novella about three twisted women living in abandoned subway tunnels. Camper is also the founding editor of two Juicy Mother comix anthologies.

Her comics and illustrations have appeared in magazines, newspapers, and comic books, including The Village Voice, Ms. Magazine, The Advocate, Out, Gay Comix, Wimmin's Comix, Young Lust, World War 3, and Funny Times. Her work has been published in many comix anthologies and she is the cartoon editor for The Women's Review of Books. Her cartoons have been translated into French, Arabic, Spanish and Korean.

Camper's art has been exhibited internationally, including at The New Museum, (NYC), Festival International de le Ban Desinee (Switzerland), The San Francisco Cartoon Art Museum, Kyoto Manga Museum, LadyFest (UK) and Högkvarteret (Sweden). Website

Diana Morrow

Small Works

An artist as well as a creative professional, Diana Morrow is a graduate of Parsons School of Design, where her focus was Photography. Diana has worked as a graphic designer for advertising agencies, design firms, internet companies and many others. But when creating solely for herself, her creative process combines computer graphics, found ephemera and painting, to create layered abstract compositions. In her small works, she exercises pure creative joy and optimism.

Diana's aesthetic is informed by her design background as well as her many and diverse interests. They include mid-century design, vintage fashion, Kidrobot, David Bowie, Joy Division, Abstract Expressionism and the work of Rex Ray, Cy Twombly, Camille Rose Garcia and Tara McPherson, to name just a very few.

Originally from Texas but a longtime New Yorker, Diana lives and works in Brooklyn, NY, with the accompaniment of five furry and feathered friends (all rescues or shelter adoptions) including two very hilarious chihuahuas, Nigel and Kingston, who provide continuous inspiration.

Debbie Nadolney


Among some commissioned pieces, most of these new works are part of an ongoing series to visually document all the artists, writers, musicians, friends, and family whose presence have somehow enhanced and given dimension to my life experience mapped out over time. As well as a love of portraiture, these paintings renew a project I began in the late-80s and early 90s to not singularly idealize or romanticize the past, but to recognize the present and the inspired work, flow of ideas, and cool, brave creative happenings that are being made all around us now.

Debbie Nadolney was born in New York City in 1957. She moved to Boston in 1975 where she attended the Museum School, the Art Institute of Boston, and in 1982 received a BFA from Massachusetts College of Art with honors in painting.

During the 21 years spent living and working in the Boston area she played in bands, participated in numerous exhibitions, and co-founded the Causeway Visual and Performing Artists. For a time she acted as manager and curator of the JP Art Market Gallery exhibiting works by both emerging and established artists, instructing figure drawing classes, and cultivating a performance space.

Since 1996, and until recently, she's been back in her hometown of New York City where she has begun a comprehensive portrait series honoring members of her family who fell victim to the Holocaust.

In January of 2012 Nadolney moved to Provincetown MA and opened a new 'live' gallery space called AMP: Art Market Provincetown. The gallery features and encourages new multi-media and multi-disciplined work by both established and emerging artists. AMP is a close kin to JP Art Market, and wishes to acknowledge with gratitude its generosity and inspiration for it, and to so many artists, over the years!

Roberta Stone

People I Know, multi-panel portraits

The multi-panel format allows me to convey an extra dimension that cannot be captured in a straight-on shot; two writers whose home is a haven but also a competitive space for each with their piles of published works forming a third presence, a potter whose intense concentration while working is informed by his unique personality revealed in his body ornamentation through tattoos, a woman looking like a satisfied cat while wearing her favorite leopard prints surrounded by echoes of other big cats.

These subjects are my friends. Some have an icy acquaintanceship with the camera while others have an amorous intimacy with the lens. Whether trying to capture a subject's pride of place and identity or stepping lightly into their spiritual space, I am aware of the privilege of being let in.

Roberta Stone is a Boston and Provincetown based photographer. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in art and education from the City University of New York, Herbert H. Lehman College and a Master of Science degree in education from Fordham University, New York. She has participated in photography workshops with David Hilliard, Constantine Manos and Marian Roth at the summer program of the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown, MA. Trained in fine arts early in her career, Roberta has worked in stained glass. She has had careers in education, health care administration and real estate and is currently pursuing her vision in photography.

Roberta takes commissions for multi-panel portraits. Website