August 13 - August 25 2013

Living . . . Room

Opening Reception: Friday, August 16th 6-9 pm.

Keith Krisa

The Living Room Series

I use a Diana (plastic cameras) to create my images. Film is exposed in the camera, the developed negatives are digitally scanned and then printed with an inkjet printer using archival pigment inks.

On a technical level Diana cameras are cheap, all plastic, medium format cameras. It was the discovery of these toy cameras about 30 years ago-that opened up the world of creativity for me as an photographer. Because of the lack of quality of the camera body and lens, the images are often distorted and out of focus in some areas. Light leaks often occur, as well as other unpredictable occurrences, and images look like they are coming up from under water or out of a dream. It is this serendipity that brings my images to life.

I was able to free myself from the conventions of a sharp and precise lens. This enabled me to be more spontaneous in my shooting and visceral with my content. The simplicity of the camera allows me to be entirely in the moment creatively.

Keith Krisa lives and works in Cambridge, MA.

Jennifer Moller


In the Pools project I am photographing the same area over multiple years in different seasons, weather conditions, times of day, and times of tide flow, it is a meditative practice.

Writing inspired by the Pools series from poet Annie McDonnell, 2012: Every half turn of the planet, the land becomes sea. As the moon orbits halfway around the earth, they reach for each other, earth and moon, and the reaching becomes a great swell. High tide, a pregnant belly of sea. Perched on such an edge, the tide spreads out like the earth’s great exhale, flooding the salt marsh. The pool spills its edges and melts into a shallow sea while the whole Atlantic is pulled, the land in its great slow spin, the sea bulging towards the moon.

Jennifer Moller is an interdisciplinary free-lance artist working across many boundaries, time and space, mediums and disciplines. Working with the power of visual poetics, Moller creates drawings, animations, videos, installations, and community service engagement art. She encourages the possibility of collaborations with creative people and travel at any opportunity. She and her creative partner, Beth Ireland, are building a mobile art studio for her to use for travel and teaching this spring. Moller has also been teaching art processes and practices to undergraduate and graduate students in Boston, Massachusetts, Santa Fe, New Mexico, and most recently at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell.

Jennifer Moller is also an accomplished photographer artist whose many clients have included Provincetown’s own John Waters. Website.

Matt Sesow & Dana Ellyn

Take No Prisoners

The Washington, DC-based artist/spouse team of Matt Sesow and Dana Ellyn bring their colorful and vibrant imagery to AMP in August. Known for their playful and “take no prisoners” style of art, you’ll be compelled to look closer at each painting as you discover and understand the layers of story and paint that make their work so collectable. The artists will be on hand for the opening reception to answer questions, tell stories, and provide some laughs.

Matt Sesow is an independent self employed artist living and working in Washington, DC. Sesow’s “self-taught” style of painting has been described in the press as Art Brut, Outsider, Folk Art, and Abstract Expressionist. He enjoys portraying subject matter as diverse as cuddly animals with razor sharp teeth to bumbling politicians and a slew of life’s little tragedies. His use of bold colors, sharp lines, and aggressive techniques in painting have created a following in a variety regions of America, Spain, and France. Website.

Dana Ellyn is a full-time painter who lives and paints in her studio in a subsidized artist housing unit in downtown Washington DC. Ellyn’s style sits on the fence between social realism and expressionism. Having spent her childhood and college years honing her skills and striving to be technically correct, during the past 10 years she has tasked herself with unlearning those restrictive habits. Ellyn’s paintings have stories to tell and opinions to profess. She delivers hard slaps to myths of all kinds – from religion, to politics to what it means to be a woman. Website.

Sam Smiley

TUNLvision |+14inches Gallery|

TUNLvision is a miniature expo in glorious 3D. Glasses provided.

Sam Smiley is a media artist and educator working within the intersection of video art, video music, and the sciences. Her work has shown at media festivals worldwide: Deutscher Videokunstpries: German Award for Video Art, Karlsruhe, Germany, The National Poetry Association’s Cine(e) Poetry Festival, San Francisco, CA, Spain, and Locarno Film & Video Festival, Locarno, Switzerland, 6dofpuebla07 muestra de cine y video experimental y alternativo in Puebla, Mexico, and she has presented work at the Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts and various social science conferences. She produces a video compilation and journal called INtransit about art and technoscience. Website.