Through May 23, 2022


Karen Cappotto | Souvenirs

Karen Cappotto is inspired by evidence of the handmade in a world where technology prevails and is known for her distinct palette and combination of medium.

Cappotto’s work is in PAAM’s Permanent collection and she has received multiple awards and prizes for her mixed media constructions. In 2011, her company Peg+Dick was launched when Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams asked her to produce their decoupage accessories. Her work has been seen in Elle Decor, The Washington Post, Provincetown Arts, and This Old House.

Cappotto is a founding member of the non-profit group Provincetown Commons, dedicated to developing a sustainable creative economy in the place that continues to inspire her work.

Cappotto is currently represented by AMP Gallery.

Pasquale Natale | Four Letter Words

"Sometime in the last decade of the last century I began going out again. By going out I mean, clubs, bars, house parties, and the street. I had lots of fun with many different people doing all kinds of things, some even new for me. I was in my late forties then into my early fifties. I felt vital again and necessary. Sex and new adventures were back in my life after been only involved with my art work and AIDS.

It was around the year 2000 I started on this body of work that I show you now in 2021. Starting with some vintage anagram sets and then finding larger block letters I began making physical words of the the fun I was having. Sexual words and other 4 letter words. Words that were said in quiet, taboo words, healthy words, often times thought of as swear words. Words that had no real power in themselves but often had an effect both good and bad depending on who the listener was. I did not have at that time have any intention of showing them although a few friends did see them.

Then 9 / 11 happened, everything changed. I packed them away in straw basket. When Deb asked me if I would like to have a show this summer I said, let me think. I have been working on new pieces that are not anywhere ready to put out there. Then this 20 yr old work said to me, let us out of the baskets. I have added new pieces and I am reminiscing about my time back then as I finish and refine the work. I have to say I am quite enjoying myself these 20 years later."

Pasquale Natale. August 2021

Pasquale Natale graduated from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA. He is both artist and curator. Numerous solo exhibitions of his work include: 2013 and 2015, A Gallery, Provincetown; 1998, 2000-01, 2003-06, The Schoolhouse Gallery, Provincetown; 2003, Battelle /Harding Gallery, Greenfield MA; 1998, Carrie Haddad Gallery, Hudson, NY; 1994-96, Albert Merola Gallery, Provincetown; 1993, “Chairs,” Academy of Performing Arts, Orleans MA; 1992-93, Berta Walker Gallery, Provincetown.

Group exhibitions over the years include: 2013-14, A Gallery and PAAM; 2014, AMP Gallery, Provincetown; 2012, A Gallery, FAWC, and PAAM; 2011, ARTStrand, Provincetown and PAAM. Other gallery shows and permanent collections include: Barbara Krakow Gallery, Boston; Cape Cod Museum of Art, Glimpses of Provincetown Collection; The Collection of the Provincetown Art Association and Museum; Barbra Mathes Gallery, NYC; Grammercy Park Hotel, NYC; Chateau Marmont Hotel, Los Angeles; ART Chicago Art Fair, NYC; Santa Fe Art Fair, Santa Fe; Takara Gallery, Houston; 1995 Armory Show, NYC; Citicorp Building, NYC; Watershed Center for the Arts, N. Edgecomb ME.

As a Curator, Natale has been responsible for exhibitions including: 1993, “Positive Alliances,” PAAM; 2000, “The Art Colony’s First Century,” PAAM; 2001, “Emerging Artists,” PAAM; 2007, “James Hansen Retrospective,” PAAM; 2012, “Getting to Zero,” Art Current; 2013, “Susan Baker, Painting a Building, Building a Painting,” PAAM; 2013, “James Balla, Into the Blue Again,” PAAM; 2014, “Couples/ Duos,” PAAM.

Bobby Busnach | Photographs from the 1970s

"Throughout the 70’s I photographed my friends as family. Those portraits and group shots reflected the times, as well as our lives. Most of that family of friends have not survived. I am a survivor, and feel an obligation to speak for my friends and for what was important to us, as well as for the many others of my generation who have passed before their time. I am concerned that the truth of what has come before us will be obliterated and forgotten, just as I myself may be forgotten when my time comes. As I move closer to that time I am overwhelmed by the imagery from my life, particularly from the 60’s and 70’s, and from the early days of our fighting in the streets for Gay Rights, Women’s Liberation, or Black Power, all of which directs who I am today and how I still see the world. In my work I utilize sexual politics, gender-fuck, transformation, iconic imagery, personal experience, as well as political statement in a way that I hope brings that work into a timelessness, today, yesterday, as well as tomorrow. Marilyn Monroe, to me, is a timeless icon, a perfect example of someone who fought and struggled to achieve the American Dream only to have it snatched from her grasp. I feel that inside all of us is a little bit of that innocence and sensuality, as well as a vulnerability and fear of being alone while surrounded by millions of people. My silk screens, photos, collages, writings, remixes… allow me to make peace with, rather than to run from, my ghosts, and to confront my own great fear of being alone though surrounded by a world of millions of people."

Bobby Busnach has shown his work in numerous galleries, including the Leslie-Lohman Museum in NYC January of 2019. A selection of Bobby’s 70’s photos (packed away in a suitcase for 30 years) were featured in a layout in the spring/summer edition of Hunter Fashion Magazine issue 32. And, in the works, is a book out of the U.K. also of Bobby’s 70’s photos of his family of friends.

Jamie Casertano | A Bowl of Cherries, Selected Photographs 1999-2021

Jamie Casertano was born in Brooklyn, New York on Christmas Day in 1972. His discovery of photography occurred in his father’s basement darkroom. He did then, and still now, loves the dark. The urge to take photographs soon followed and later led him to study photography. He lives primarily in Provincetown, frequenting New York City where he once lived and began taking photographs. He seeks images in both the elusive dark corners and brightly lit stages of personality. Drawn to a diverse array of subject matter, his photographs vary from quiet to loud aesthetically, veiled to brazen in content and distant to intimate emotionally. The works of artists Diane Arbus, Ralph Eugene Meatyard, Peter Hujar, Kembra Pfahler, Yasumasa Morimura and Martin Parr are of great influence, to name a few. Casertano studied photography with Mark Asnin, among others, at the School of Visual Arts in New York. At that time, he was paired with and mentored by noted photographer Bill Jacobson. He has had multiple solo [and group] exhibits at A Gallery Art, the Fine Arts Work Center and currently at AMP Gallery, each in Provincetown. His work has been published in Provincetown Arts Magazine, The Boston Globe, Simon & Schuster and on multiple websites in the U.S., Sweden and London. His photographs are in the collections of the Provincetown Museum and The Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art in New York City.

Katrina del Mar | Selected Photographs

Katrina del Mar is a New York-based photographer, video artist, writer, and award-winning film director. Best known for her decades-long work in video and photography, chronicling the reality and illusion of her Lower East Side friends and lovers as punk heroines; within her girl gang movie world. Del Mar’s critically acclaimed “Girl Gang Trilogy” of films has thrived internationally, playing venues such as the Museum for Contemporary Art (CAPC), Bordeaux, France; the MoMA Dome 2 in Rockaway Beach and at many film festivals, art venues, universities and cinema houses. “Gang Girls 2000” was compared favorably to Kenneth Anger’s “Scorpio Rising” and got a four-and-a-half-star review in Film Threat. “Surf Gang” won a New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) Fellowship in Video, among other awards. In 2013 Katrina successfully ran a Kickstarter crowdfund campaign for “delMarvelous” an ongoing short serial documentary web series. Katrina completed her MFA at Bard College in 2017 and received the 2018 Kathy Acker Award for Film.